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WWE Friday Night SmackDown (12/09/2022)

Show Opening

The Friday, December 9th, 2022 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown opens at the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as the clock strike 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)/7:00 p.m. (Standard Time) as the pyro is set off surrounding the top of the stage and the crowd pops as we are officially welcomed to tonight’s show! “Will history be made tonight?” we are asked by the commentary team.

“Ladies and Gentleman, it’s fight night!”

The Brawling Brutes vs. The Usos

The entrance theme sounds as Sheamus makes his way to the stage with The Brawling Brutes. They make their way down the ramp and enter the ring. Out next are The Usos who are accompanied by Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn. “The Ones” pose at the top of the stage as the pyro goes off around them before they make their way down the ramp holding their championship belts in hand. We get a quick replay picture in picture from last Monday showing Matt Riddle being sent to the hospital after a brutal attack by Solo.

Back in the ring, we see The Usos in their corner and The Brawling Brutes in their corner as the match is officially announced! The referee holds the title belts high above his head, then removes them from the ring as he officially signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match is officially underway. Jimmy Uso and Sheamus start things off to get the first match up of the evening officially underway. Sami Zayn cheers on Jimmy from ringside. A Headlock take down by Sheamus. Both men back to their feet, another Clothesline take down by Sheamus.

Jimmy quickly exits the ring and is surrounded by Jey, Sami Zayn, and Solo as Sheamus looks on from inside the ring. Jimmy makes his way back into the ring. Jimmy looks for a Hip Toss to no avail, Sheamus counters with a Take Down. Rolling Senton by Jimmy. Sheamus and Butch with a double team action as Butch makes the tag and enters the ring. Jimmy makes the tag to Jey Uso now. Jey and Jimmy get the take down and Jey makes the cover on Butch. Butch kicks out. Butch fights his way out of the corner.

Butch follows up with a Basement Dropkick. Double Team take down by The Usos sending Butch to the outside of the ring as we head to the first commercial break of the evening!

As we return from the commercial break, Jey holds onto Butch tight in the center of the ring as he attempts to make the tag to Sheamus. Butch is overpowered by Jey and sent flying into the opposing corner for the takedown. Backbreaker off the top rope, Jimmy Uso with the cover. Butch kicks out at the two to continue the match now. Jimmy with multiple stomps to the body of Butch, Butch being attacked by The Uso’s team until the ref notices.

Butch back into the ring, Jimmy with a Step Up Enzuguri. Butch again pulled away from Sheamus, unable to make the tag. More strikes by Jimmy keeping Butch on the opposite side of the ring. Butch looking to rally now. Release German to take Jey down now. Butch back to his feet, finally making the tag! Sheamus enters as Jey makes the tag to Jimmy. Sheamus takes Jimmy down and the crowd pops! Jimmy rolls under the ropes to the apron, Sheamus looking for 10 beats, Butch grabs Jey and we get 20 beats, Sheamus lets go, but Butch keeps going as he is hyped up now!

On the outside Butch takes it to Jey on the outside of the ring. Sheamus goes for the cover, Jimmy kicks out. Jimmy makes his way to the top turnbuckle, Sheamus meets him on the turnbuckle and grabs Jimmy, White Noise from the second rope for the cover! Jimmy kicks out as Sami Zayn pops up on the apron shouting “two! two!!” to the referee and we head to the second commercial break of the evening!

Again we return from commercial break, Butch with joint manipulation trying to break the fingers of Jey Uso. Jey counters with a Neckbreaker for the cover. Sheamus enters illegally to break the cover. Jimmy takes Sheamus to the outside, White Noise to Jimmy on the apron! Jey flies through the ropes and takes out Sheamus. Butch heads to the top and gets a Moonsault to take out The Usos at ringside. Back inside the ring, Tornado DDT, Butch gets the cover.

Jey kicks out at the two as again Sami Zayn was a second away from entering the ring to break up the cover. Back inside the ring, Butch stomps on the fingers of Jey, then follows up with a Kick to the ear. Jimmy makes the tag, calling for The One and Done, Sheamus pulls Jey out of the ring. Butch counters with a Power Bomb for the cover, Jimmy kicks out at the two! Sheamus is back in his corner now, Butch sits up as Jimmy is still laid out. Razor’s Edge into a Neck Breaker for the cover on Jimmy by Sheamus.

Jey quickly makes his way into the ring just in time to break the cover! Both Usos are laid out in the center of the ring. Jey rolls back out as Jimmy and Sheamus throw Strikes back and forth as they make their way to their knees then back to their feet. A quick tag as Jimmy enters the ring. Sheamus with a Running Knee for the cover, Jimmy kicks out. Solo and Ridge going back and forth on the outside of the ring. Sheamus looking for the Brogue Kick.

Superkick counter, Butch tags in! Jimmy makes the tag, Butch didn’t see it. The Usos double team for the cover by Jimmy. Three count pin and win!

Winner and STILL Tag-Team Champions: The Usos

After the Match

(Video) WWE SmackDown WATCH ALONG December 9, 2022 - Insiders Pro Wrestling

The commentary team reminds us The Usos have held the title for 509 Days and counting as they make their way up the ramp celebrating, leaving Sheamus angry inside the ring.

Backstage – Kurt Angle

The crowd pops as Kurt Angle makes his way backstage, we are reminded of his birthday celebration, later tonight!

In-Ring – LA Knight

The entrance theme sounds for LA Knight as he makes his way to the stage. As Knight makes his way down the ramp towards the ring, we again head to commercial break!

Quick Announcement

We return from commercial break and we are reminded that John Cena will appear on Final WWE SmackDown of 2022! (The first time in over a year) SmackDown will be on December 30th in Tampa, FL.

Inside The Ring – LA Knight

We return to the ring and Knight is standing in the center of the ring with a microphone. Before he can speak the entire crowd begins to “boo”. Knight states he doesn’t recall asking for their opinion, then continues on to mention Bray Wyatt to which the crowd begins to cheer. Knight calls the crowd a bunch of “puppets” for their excitement over Wyatt’s name being mentioned.

Knight continues on to state he knows he’s struck a nerve in Bray Wyatt, adding that he has even struck “fear” in Wyatt. Knight then mocks Wyatt and says he’s calling Wyatt’s bluff. “You know how I know it was you, lemme show you!” We are sent into footage from 3 weeks ago.

We see Knight laid out backstage from 3 weeks prior, Knight says, “that’s enough, this isn’t a snuff film”. Knight then asks to be shown what happened right before he was attacked where we see Knight being asked if he was leaving out of fear of Wyatt. Knight asks for the video to be paused where we see a mask of Bray Wyatt’s in the background right before Knight is attacked. Knight says lets look at 2 weeks ago when he was attacked.

Again, another one of Bray’s toys is seen in the background of the frozen clip on the jumbotron. As Knight continues on about Wyatt and where he can put his masks, suddenly the video begins to flash and skip and we suddenly see multiple flashes as we hear “Do it, do it now!” and “He deserves to suffer” finishing with “The door, is closed”. Knight is left starring at the screen. Knight says he’ll come backstage and find him right now.

With that LA Knight throws the microphone down as LA Knight exits up the ramp looking for Bray Wyatt.

Announcer’s Table

We head over to the announcer’s table who state that LA Knight doesn’t realize who he is standing up to or what powers are at hand when it comes to Bray Wyatt. They then shift topics stating tickets will be available for NXT Vengeance Day starting next Friday at 10 AM (Eastern Time) on Ticketmaster. The show is set to take place in Charlotte, NC on Saturday, February 4, 2023.

“Earlier Tonight” Digital Exclusive Video

The announcers send us into a video clip from earlier tonight showing a brutal attack in the parking lot while an interview was taking place and we suddenly hear a scream and “help!” from Shotzi Blackhart.

Backstage – Shayna Baszler & Rhonda Rousey


Next we head backstage where Shayna Baszler and Rhonda Rousey are being interviewed and are asked if perhaps they have taken things too far outside of the ring. Baszler asks what is being implied, as all she saw in that video was Shotzi Blackhart crying on the ground. Baszler then says in a snarky tone that Blackhart is seen crying on the ground every week, as far as she’s concerned, Shotzi could have fallen and hurt her wrist or something, she wasn’t necessarily attacked.

Baszler and Rousey both laugh at that statement. “Or, or, maybe she’s just unlucky” Baszler adds. Rousey states that Shotzi is fragile and to let the china shop know, “the bulls are coming”.

Legado Del Fantasma vs. The Viking Raiders

We return to the ring as Zelina Vega and Santos Escobar accompany Legado Del Fantasma to the ring as their entrance theme sounds over the speakers in the Pittsburg, PA arena and we watch as they all make their way down the ramp towards the ring and the match is officially announced. As they enter the ring and pose, we head to commercial break.

As we return from the commercial break we see Zelina Vega sitting at ringside with the commentary team as she will be announcing the match alongside them. She is officially welcomed and we return to the ring. The entrance theme sounds now for The Viking Raiders. Smoke surrounds the stage as their music plays them down the ramp towards the ring. As they make their way into the ring we see a video clip picture in picture from Last Month showing how The Viking Raiders have been dominating SmackDown for the last month.

Vega states they aren’t afraid of anybody. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match is officially underway. To start things off we see Erik in against Wilde. Fast paced action early on. Erik with a Clothesline take down. Erik makes the tag to Ivar. Ivar with a blow to the midsection then tags Erik back in. Erik with a shoulder to the midsection as he re-enters the ring. A little back and forth action when suddenly the entrance theme sounds for Hit Row. Zelina asks “What is she doing here?”

Carrying a chair, she takes a seat at the top of the stage while Erik and Ivar stand inside the ring staring up at the top of the ramp. Suddenly out of nowhere, Escobar and Del Torro are taken out. Top Dolla with a chair to the spine of Erik and an all out brawl ensues inside the ring. Vega asks why the refs aren’t doing their job as it continues on.

The referee calls for DQ.

Winners by DQ: Legado del Fantasma

After the Match

Legado del Fantasma are announced the winners but Hit Row beats them down at ringside. After the brawl inside the ring, Hit Row’s music starts back up as they celebrate and taunt the others who are down at ringside trying to recover.

Backstage – LA Knight

Next we head backstage where we see LA Knight is still looking for Bray Wyatt. Knight enters a dressing room and finds a Wyatt t-shirt hanging up. The lights go out. At this point Knight turns on the flashlight from his phone, and we suddenly see a Wyatt mask appear out of nowhere. Knight is startled and yells as we head to commercial break.

Backstage – Kurt Angle’s Birthday Party

As we return from the commercial break, we cut over to the start of Kurt Angle’s much anticipated birthday party for the evening. Someone hands him a birthday card with “#1 Son” on it. As the camera pans out, we see that it was Jason Jordan. Angle states what a lovely surprise this is and has a huge smile on his face as we head back to the inside of the arena.

Inside The Ring – Ricochet & Gunther (w/ Imperium)

We return to the ring as the entrance theme sounds for Ricochet, then Gunther (w/ Imperium) as they head to the ring to sign a contract for their Intercontinental Championship match next week. Adam Pearce is inside the ring as he has to oversee the signing of the contract.

The New Day Enters

(Video) WWE SmackDown 3 December 2022 Highlights HD - WWE Friday Night SmackDowns 12/3/2022 Highlights Today

With everyone sitting at the table inside the ring, things are getting underway when suddenly the entrance theme sounds for The New Day. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods come out with huge smiles and microphones in hand as Woods immediately addresses Adam Pearce apologizing for interrupting, adding they just wanted to be sure to have front row seats for this show.

The New Day members stand being Ricochet and state that they also want to be there just incase anyone from Imperium has a problem with the signature signing so that things would be even on the side of Ricochet. While they’re out there, Xavier Woods also plugs their NXT Tag Team title match at NXT Deadline tomorrow night.

Interrupting, Gunther says there is nothing that can save Ricochet. The difference between Imperium and them, is that they respect this great sport. They are professional wrestlers, they are not performers. Ricochet says with a grin, did he just hear them say they can’t perform? This gets a chant going in the crowd. Gunther gets angry and throws the table out of the ring. Adam Pearce immediately books a six-man tag between them.

Ricochet & The New Day vs. Imperium’s Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci

Pearce asks for a crew to come remove the furniture from the ring to which Gunther and Ricochet throw tables and chairs over the top ropes. Pearce says, “Whoa… ok, forget that, let’s just get a referee, this match is official!” An all out brawl ensues inside the ring now! As the referee enters the ring, The New Day members climb up either side of the ring and Ricochet backs up and all three go flying out to ringside to take down Imperium! New Day and Ricochet immediately return to the ring as the crowd begins a chant of “You! Can Not! You! Can Not!”

We get some back and forth action as Woods and Ricochet double team Kaiser. Woods successfully gets the cover for a two count. Both make their way back to their feet and Woods fights Kaiser with several strikes following up with a dropkick for yet another cover. Again the kick out at the two.

Kaiser runs into a boot by Woods who immediately follows up with the Honor Roll out of the corner. At this point, Vinci tags in. He lands a deep arm drag to Woods, following up with multiple kicks to keep Woods on the canvas. Finally, Vinci gets Woods in the corner where he proceeds to stomp away. Next Vinci sends Woods out of the ring to the canvas at ringside where Woods lands pretty hard. We see Imperium standing tall as we head to commercial break.

As we return from the commercial break we return to the ring where we see that Vinci has Woods in a headlock in the center of the ring. Woods attempts to fight out. Woods breaks free after multiple strikes. More back and forth action and a near fall inside the ring. Next we see Kaiser tag in where he immediately grounds Woods. Woods fights back for a moment but Kaiser whips him into the corner, then blocks a kick as he gets the upper hand now. Kingston misses a right hand but Vinci grabs him. Kofi blocks a a suplex attempt and forces Vinci to run into a kick. Kofi gets the cover, but Vinci kicks out at the two once again.

Later Kofi lands the Boom Drop in the middle of the ring and immediately rallies. Vinci successfully dodges a Trouble In Paradise but Kofi keeps going. Kingston is able to trip Vinci from the floor. Vinci counters as he knocks Kofi off the apron after a distraction by Kaiser. Kofi is leveled at ringside by an uppercut from Kaiser. Imperium launches Kofi over the announce table and he hits hard. Imperium stands together at ringside, laughing at Kingston as we go back to commercial.

As we again return from the commercial break, we return to the ring where we see the tag to Gunther, just as Kingston gets the tag to Ricochet. Both come in hot! We see Ricochet unload on the champ. Gunther with a massive Chop then a boot to the face. Ricochet with a running knee following up with multiple lefts and rights. Ricochet continues to throw hands in the corner of the ring, the referee tells Ricochet to calm down a bit. Ricochet ducks a big boot and continues to go hard. Gunther is covered, Ricochet almost gets the win but Gunther kicks out at the two. Xavier Woods back on the apron, Ricochet makes the tag. Gunter makes the tag too. Vinci gets a Back Breaker. Moonsault by Vinci as Kaiser tags in. Ricochet with a high flying move, then takes out Gunther off the apron.

Woods runs through Imperium on the outside. Trouble in Paradise by Kingston. Tag to Ricochet. Ricochet to the top rope, for the cover and the three count pin and win!

Winner: The New Day & Ricochet

After the Match

The New Day and Ricochet celebrate as we immediately head into replays from the finishing of the match. Ricochet walks up to Gunther who is standing on the outside of the ropes on the apron, Ricochet is heard saying, “I don’t care how big you are, I don’t give up, I won’t give up, I don’t quit!”

Backstage – Kurt Angle’s Birthday Party

Next we head backstage to return to Kurt Angle’s birthday bash where we see Chad Gable talking to the doorman trying to get in when he is told his name isn’t on the list. Gable laughs and looks to Otis as he says, “Oh, he probably put it under Master Gable, we play games like that all the time.” Gable asks if it could be under, “Mr. 4.0”. Just then The Street Profits walk up and they are immediately checked off the list. Gable shouts asking if he could be a plus one. We head to commercial break.

Backstage – The Bloodline

As we return from commercial break, we head backstage where we see Sami Zayn hyping up Jimmy Uso as he asks Jey if he can see how “Ussy” Jimmy looks. They all laugh, but Solo is sitting mean mugging with his arms crossed looking away from everyone. Sami says they should get a little food. Jey holds Sami back. Jey says that The Tribal Chief is coming next week, so it might be smart of Zayn to trim his hair and beard, clean up a bit to show some respect to the family.

(Video) 5 things that could happen on the upcoming episode of WWE SmackDown (Dec 9)

Zayn asked why he would have to trim his hair. Sami Zayn looks a little confused until Jey says with how Zayn has been leveling up, he thinks next week might be a big week for Zayn. As Jey walks off, Zayn looks overjoyed.

Backstage – Medical Unit

Next we head backstage where we see Karrion Kross and Scarlett as they visit an injured Rey Mysterio. Kross tells Rey of an old story of Scarlett’s when she lived in Romania of a thoroughbred horse who eventually couldn’t run as fast as it used to, and couldn’t jump as high as it used to so at one point, it had to be put out of its misery once it became completely useless and couldn’t even drag the cart as a work horse anymore.

Scarlett could never forget the look in that useless horse’s eye. Just then they are interrupted by security asking if there’s a problem, Kross says not at all as he looks to Rey and states, “Look at the time Rey. Tick tock.” With that, he and Scarlett walk off.

Video Package – Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox says she’s lucky to be here right now. She tore her ACL, come back, and tore it again, but she will never give up on herself. After the disappointments and betrayals, she will never stop fighting. She helped Liv last week because she knew her from the first week at the PC. She’s willing to do anything it takes to be champion. With that we head to commercial break.

Vignette – Lacey Evans

As we return from the commercial break, Evans states that most people choose comfort and take the easy way. They avoid pain at all costs. Evans states that this training would break them, adding that it would make them cry for their momma. You choose to embrace the hard way. Embrace the pain.

Liv Morgan & Tegan Nox vs. Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler

With Liv Morgan and Tegan Nox already in the ring from making their entrance before the commercial break, out next are Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler as their entrance themes play them to the ring. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and this match up is officially underway! To kick things off in this match up, Shayna Baszler is in for her side and Tegan Nox is in for her team. The bell rings and the match is officially underway! Shayna with joint manipulation early on, Nox finally breaks free only to be powered into the corner of the ring. Tegan is able to counter and take down Baszler in the corner of the ring herself! A crossbody take down by Nox. Nox then with a boot to the face of Shayna in the corner of the ring.

Nox heads to the top turnbuckle, Baszler with a massive kick sending Nox crashing down hard. Rousey tags in now and immediately takes down Nox multiple times, then mocks Morgan, sticking her tongue out at her and kicking her feet. Rousey then returns her attention to Nox in the center of the ring with an Ankle Lock. Nox kicks Rousey across the ring. Baszler is tagged in and Nox is able to tag in Morgan just in time.

Morgan comes in hot with a huge kick to Baszler. Missile Dropkick by Morgan who then gets fired up and shouts before a huge stomp to the back of Baszler for the cover. Baszler kicks out at the two. Baszler with a German Suplex. Now both women are down in the center of the ring. Ronda still trash talking from the outside.

Suddenly we see Rochelle Rodriguez make her way down the ramp as Adam Pearce tells her she is not medically cleared to be down there. The referee is distracted while Tegan Nox suddenly jumps in with a Shining Wizard for the take down to Baszler and Morgan gets the cover as the referee turns back around.

Winner: Tegan Nox & Liv Morgan

In-Ring – Kurt Angle Birthday Celebration

As we return from the commercial break, we see Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring as his entrance theme plays over the speakers in the Pittsburg, PA arena, while the crowd chants “You Suck!”. Inside the ring he has a table set up with a cake.

Chad Gable interrupts him.

He says that he didn’t want them at his party because Gable would upstage him as the real Olympic wrestler. Gable tells him that he sucks, for real. He has no intensity, integrity, and if he has any intelligence left, he would get the hell out of their ring. This celebration is over and Otis is going to eat the birthday cake. On that note, Angle leaves the ring while Otis picks away at the cake.

(Video) The Britt Baker Controversy👇 Embattled AEW star👇 DMD👇

Angle says if they are going to eat that cake, they’ll need a lot of milk. Suddenly, we see here comes the milk truck! They start throwing bottles of milk at them. At this point Angle grabs the hose and proceeds to drenches them in milk! The Alpha Academy quickly take their exit. Angle celebrates in the ring with all the milk they can drink. Happy Birthday!!

Thats All Folks!!


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