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The anticipation is building for the highly-anticipated Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, set on Sunday, May 28, at the iconic Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo. As a devoted fan of Formula 1 racing, you won’t want to miss a moment of the exhilarating action.

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Fortunately, there are several ways to watch the Monaco Grand Prix live stream and immerse yourself in the excitement, no matter where you are. Read on to know how you can watch the race online from anywhere!

How to watch F1 Monaco Grand Prix live stream

  1. Get ExpressVPN app on your device.
  2. Download the app & connect to an Austrian server.
  3. Open Servus TV and enjoy streaming.

Watch F1 with ExpressVPN

Monaco Grand Prix Race Details

  • Event: Monaco Grand Prix
  • Track: Circuit de Monaco
  • Circuit length: 3.337 km
  • Date: 28th May
  • Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Laps: 78

F1 Grand Prix Broadcasters List

UKSky Sports, Channel 4
GermanySky Deutschland
ItalySky Italia
AustraliaFox Sports, Foxtel, Kayo, Network Ten
CanadaRDS, RDS 2, TSN, Noovo
SwitzerlandSRF, RSI, RTS
Latin AmericaESPN
AustriaServus TV, ORF

How to Watch Monaco Grand Prix For Free on Servus TV

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Servus TV is broadcasting the Monaco Grand Prix for free. Tune in to Servus TV with your television or mobile app to enjoy the thrilling race without any cost. It is only available in Austria. So to get Servus TV access, you must use ExpressVPN and connect your server to Austria.

How to Watch Monaco Grand Prix on F1 TV

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Formula 1 fans worldwide always look for ways never to miss a single moment of the race. For these dedicated fans, F1 TV is the perfect solution that offers an unbeatable Formula 1 streaming experience.

F1 TV Prooffers live streaming in six languages in more than 80 territories.

With F1 TV, you can access the most comprehensive viewing angles, live feeds from any of the 20 onboard cameras, and uninterrupted live streaming for every track session, including all GPs, F1, F2, F3, and Porsche Super. Additionally, F1 TV provides all of these perks without the nuisance of advertisements, ensuring an immersive and uninterrupted live-streaming experience.

You can watch Formula 1 on demand, including full race replays, highlights, and on-demand access to all F1 onboard cameras. And that’s not all!

F1 TV offers two different plans for its users, F1 Access, and F1 TV Pro, for which details are mentioned below.

CriteriaF1 AccessF1 TV Pro
Live race coverageNo live races, only race highlightsLive coverage of all races, qualifying sessions, and practice sessions
Access to onboard camerasNoYes
Live timing and telemetryNoYes
Access to F1 archivesNoYes, including classic races and documentaries
Number of devicesOne device at a timeTwo devices at a time
Price (per year)$27.99$79.99

F1 TV Pro English Commentators

Here’s a list of the most prominent names of F1 TV Formula 1 commentators. These skilled professionals are known for their ability to provide insightful analysis and commentary, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats during every race.

  • Alex Jacques
  • James Hinchcliffe
  • Will Buxton
  • Joleyn Palmer
  • Lawrence Barretto
  • Sam Collins
  • Rosanna Tennant

Note: Check if F1 TV pro app is in your region. If not, you might need ExpressVPN to watch races on ServusTV, ORF, RTBF or RTL Zwee.

F1 2023: Monaco Grand Prix Preview

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The 2023 Monaco Grand Prix marks the seventh round of the 2023 Formula One World Championship. It is scheduled for May 28, 2023, at the Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo.

Renowned for prestige and difficulty, the Monaco Grand Prix is a challenging race on the Formula One calendar. With its narrow and twisting layout, the circuit presents significant challenges for overtaking, making strategy, and qualifying crucial factors in determining the race’s outcome.

In the previous year’s Monaco Grand Prix, Sergio Perez demonstrated his prowess on street circuits as he clinched a thrilling victory. As the 2023 season unfolds, the Red Bull driver and his teammate Max Verstappen have been dominant, securing victories in all Grand Prix events thus far. With Verstappen leading the drivers’ standings with 119 points and Perez closely behind in second with 105 points, the Red Bull duo are expected to shine again on Monte Carlo’s streets. However, the likes of Ferrari, Mercedes, and Aston Martin will seek to challenge their supremacy on this unique circuit.

Drivers such as Nyck de Vries from AlphaTauri and Logan Sargeant from Williams will also aim for strong performances in Monaco after encountering challenging starts to their campaigns. Additionally, Alpine will strive for a standout performance during the race weekend.

Weather conditions will add another layer of uncertainty to the event, as new wet tire rules will be in effect for the upcoming weekend.

Anticipated to be as thrilling as ever, the 80th edition of the Monaco Grand Prix promises drama. In their preview, Will Buxton, Lawrence Barretto, Jolyon Palmer, and Sam Collins discuss the prospects for this year’s race and speculate on who might emerge as the dominant force in the Principality.

Monaco Grand Prix2023 Complete Schedule

Thursday 25 May 2023

08:00Closure of the circuit to traffic
14:00-14:45Formula 3Practice Session + Start Practice / Practice Session + Start Practice
15:35-16:20Porsche Mobil 1 Super CupTrial Session / Practice Session
17:05-17:50Formula 2Practice Session + Start Practice / Practice Session + Start Practice
19:30Opening of the circuit to traffic / Track Open

Friday 26 May 2023

06:30Closure of the circuit to traffic
09:05-09:21Formula 3 (Group A)Qualifying Sessions / Qualifying Session
09:29-09:45Formula 3 (Group B)Qualifying Sessions / Qualifying Session
11:10-11:26Formula 2 (Group A)Qualifying Sessions / Qualifying Session
11:34-11:50Formula 2 (Group B)Qualifying Sessions / Qualifying Session
13:30-14:30Formula 1Free Practice 1 / Free Practice 1
15:30-16:00Porsche Mobil 1 Super CupQualifying Sessions / Qualifying Session
17:00-18:00Formula 1Free Practice 2 / Free Practice 2
19:30Opening of the circuit to traffic / Track Open

Saturday 27 May 2023

07:00Closure of the circuit to traffic
11:30-12:15Formula 3Course 1 / Race 1 (40 mn + 1 lap)
13:00-14:00Formula 1Free Practice 3 / Free Practice 3
16:00-17:00Formula 1Qualifying Sessions / Qualifying Session(Q1/Q2/Q3)
17:40-18:30Formula 2Course 1 / Race 1
20:00Opening of the circuit to traffic / Track Open

Sunday28 May 2023

05:45Closure of the circuit to traffic
08:20-09:10Formula 3Course 2 / Race 2
09:50-10:55Formula 2Course 2 / Race 2
12:05-12:40Porsche Mobil 1 Super CupCourse / Race
13:00-13:30Formula 1Drivers’ Parade / Drivers’ Presentation
14:20-14:30Formula 1Setting up on the Starting Grid / Starting Grid set up
14:44Monegasque national anthem / National Anthem
15:00Formula 180th Monaco Grand Prix™ (78 laps or 120mn max.)
20:30Opening of the circuit to traffic / Track Open

F1 2023 Race Schedule: Calendar, Dates, Venue, & Circuit

This season of Formula 1 will undoubtedly keep you on the edge of your seat. As Max Verstappen defends his title and navigates through the numerous challenges and distractions, he will continue to attract significant public attention. A total of 23 countries will host Formula 1 races this season, and the complete schedule of the 2023 Formula 1 season is listed below.

Date Event Venue
March 5 Bahrain Sakhir
March 19 Saudi Arabia Jeddah
April 2 Australia Melbourne
April 30 Azerbaijan Baku
May 7 Miami Miami
May 21 Emilia Romagna Imola
May 28 Monaco Monaco
June 4 Spain Barcelona
June 18 Canada Montreal
July 2 Austria Spielberg
July 9 United Kingdom Silverstone
July 23 Hungary Budapest
July 30 Belgium Spa
August 27 Netherlands Zandvoort
September 3 Italy Monza
September 17 Singapore Singapore
September 24 Japan Suzuka
October 8 Qatar Lusail
October 22 USA Austin
October 29 Mexico Mexico City
November 5 Brazil Sao Paulo
November 18 Las Vegas Las Vegas
November 26 Abu Dhabi Yas Marina

The Official F1 Teams For 2023

Ten teams participate in every Formula 1 season, with two drivers in each squad, currently making 20 drivers and ten teams. The 2023 season of Formula 1 will showcase the following teams and drivers.

Team Driver 1 Driver 2
Mercedes George Russell Lewis Hamilton
Alpine Esteban Ocon Pierre Gasly
Haas F1 Team Kevin Magnussen Nico Hulkenberg
McLaren Oscar Piastri Lando Norris
Red Bull Racing Max Verstappen Sergio Perez
Aston Martin Lance Stroll Fernando Alonso
Alpha Tauri Nyck de Vries Yuki Tsunoda
Ferrari Charles Leclerc Carlos Sainz
Alfa Romeo Valtteri Bottas Guanyu Zhou
Williams Alexander Albon Logan Sargent

About Circuit de Monaco

D-7 before the #MonacoGP race in Monaco, one of the most prestigious races in the world!
Glamour, sport, adrenaline will be in the heart of the Principality.
Enjoy hair-raising moments of this unique race in our most prestigious spots, for unforgettable memories.

— Monte-Carlo SBM (@MonteCarloSBM) May 21, 2023

The Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo is known for its challenging layout, this 3.337-kilometre track winds through the streets of Monte Carlo, demanding exceptional skill from drivers.

With its rich history and picturesque backdrop, including famous turns like Casino Square and the Hairpin, the circuit provides a unique and unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix consists of 78 laps around the Circuit de Monaco, covering a total distance of approximately 3.337 km.

Where is the F1 Monaco Grand Prix held?

The F1 Monaco Grand Prix is held in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The race takes place on the Circuit de Monaco, a street circuit that winds through the narrow and glamorous streets of the city.

Can I watch the Monaco Grand Prix live stream outside my country?

The Monaco Grand Prix live stream availability outside your country may vary. Some broadcasters or streaming services have geo-restrictions, meaning the live stream may be limited to specific regions or countries. However, ExpressVPN can help you bypass these restrictions and access the live stream anywhere.

What do I need to watch the F1 Monaco Grand Prix live stream?

To watch the F1 Monaco Grand Prix live stream, you’ll need a stable internet connection and a compatible device such as a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. If you’re using a streaming service, you may need to subscribe to their sports package or pay a fee for access to the live stream.

Who are some notable winners of the Monaco Grand Prix?

The Monaco Grand Prix has seen many legendary drivers claim victory over the years, including Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, and Lewis Hamilton. These drivers have showcased exceptional skill and mastery of the challenging circuit.


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