Chemistry SI Leaders (2023)

CHEM 1300

Camilla Vertsman

My name is Camilla Vertsman and the subject that I will be an SI leader for is Chemistry 1. I am currently a sophomore Biology major in the dual-admission dental program at NSU. I chose SI because my SI leader had a great impact on my learning, and I wanted the opportunity to do the same to other students. SI allowed me to form closer relationships with my peers and SI leader, as well as reinforced the material of the class very effectively. The laid-back environment puts less pressure on students, and encourages teamwork to solve problems. I am a part of the pre-dental society and Dancing with the Sharks, which is a ballroom dancing club on campus. Some fun facts about me are that I used to be a professional Ballroom and Latin dancer, I have three cats and I love to eat pickles.

Chemistry SI Leaders (1)

CHEM 1300

Rithvik Ganti

My name is Rithvik Ganti and I am a neuroscience major that will be assisting with Chem 1300! I chose SI because I love the opportunity of being able to make students feel comfortable with my favorite subject! My key involvements around campus surround Village Mentors and Pre-SOMA! Some fun facts about myself are that I love to hike as I’ve hiked a lot in the Northeast! Another key hobby is I love biking and I am a huge Jets fan!

CHEM 1300

Mina Ghali

CHEM 1300

Nita Pedavalli

My name is Nita Pedavalli, and I’ll be an SI Leader for Chemistry 1300. I am a neuroscience major on the premed track in the BS/DO program. I chose SI because I am passionate about teaching in addition to my passion for science and medicine. I wanted an opportunity to combine my interests and apply them in a way that helps other people and to be able to provide guidance to all students, but especially to struggling ones. I am part of many clubs on campus including Pre-Med Society, Pre-SOMA, and American Red Cross. I am also part of the e-board for RESULTS, She’s the First, and Neuroscience club. A few fun facts about me are that I am a massive Marvel fan, I love to cook, and my favorite TV shows are Parks and Recreation, Criminal Minds, and Grey’s Anatomy.

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CHEM 1300

Vaishnavi Nassani

Chemistry SI Leaders (2)

CHEM 1310

Rehan Contractor

Hi there! My name is Rehan Contractor. For fall 2022, I am an SI leader for CHEM 1310. My major is public health, and I am currently on a pre-med track. I chose SI because I wanted to be able to help students in a subject that I love! Through SI, I hope to help students feel more confident about the content they are learning and foster productive relationships with the students that will help them succeed in future classes. I am currently apart of Down to Dance, a club focused on empowering individuals with Down's syndrome through research-based dance movements. I am also apart of RESULTS, an advocacy club centered on improving public health measures in the U.S. One fun fact about myself is that I love making short films and using cameras! Another fun fact about me is that I like to drive manual/stick-shift cars. Finally, I also have a pet fish!

Chemistry SI Leaders (3)

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CHEM 1310

Anjana Reddy

Hi everyone! My name is Anjana Reddy and I am going to be an SI Leader for General Chemistry 2 this semester. I am a biology major on the pre-medical track. I chose to become an SI Leader, because when I first started college, I struggled with finding the most beneficial study methods for each class. When I started attending SI sessions hosted by my General Biology 1 SI leader, they were able to help me revise my study methods so that I could be more efficient, while also learning the material in the best way. As an SI leader, I want to help struggling students in this way by acting as a resource that can help them effectively learn the material for the course, not just in our sessions, but on their own as well. I am currently the Secretary for Junior Pediatrics and the President of TriBeta. Additionally, I am currently working on research for my honors thesis. A few fun facts about me are that I can always watch the tv show New Girl and never get tired of it, in high school my senior quote was the phonetic pronunciation of my name, and my favorite day of the year is Thanksgiving.

CHEM 1310

Mamiko Swanson

My name is Mamiko Swanson and I am a senior with a major in chemistry. I plan to go to medical school after I graduate from NSU. I am an SI leader for General Chemistry I this semester, and I chose to be an SI leader because I love general chemistry, and I like helping people learn to at least tolerate the subject. I have been a lab assistant for general chemistry previously which I am doing this semester as well, so I hope to enjoy being an SI leader as much as I have liked being a lab assistant. I am also a research assistant for a cognitive psych lab with Dr.Banks. Three fun facts about me are: I love to do crafts (mainly sewing, crochet, and knitting), I have 17 guinea pigs who I love and adore, and I just got a puppy named Princess Chewbacca.

CHEM 2400

David Habib

Hey! My name is David Habib, and I am an SI Leader for Organic Chemistry I. I am a fourth-year Behavioral Neuroscience Major on the Pre-Med track and currently in the Dual Admissions Program for Osteopathic Medicine. The reason I chose to be an SI Leader is to lend a helping hand to students taking a subject known to be challenging, for I, too, received help from SI throughout my years as a student. In addition to SI, I am also the Campus Outreach Coordinator of the Orthodox Christian Campus Ministry (OCCM) group and the Middle Eastern & North African Association (MENA) Event Coordinator. My favorite weekend activities are going to the beach, playing basketball, and watching Marvel

Chemistry SI Leaders (4)

CHEM 2400

Keerthi Polam

My name is Keerthi Polam. I am currently an SI Leader for Organic Chemistry 1. I am a biology major in the Dual DO Program, on the pre-med track. I chose to be an SI Leader because I recognized how much SI sessions helped me outside the classroom to review concepts more in-depth and I want to do the same for other students. As an SI Leader, I also want to be a mentor for other students, guiding them to achieve their academic and personal goals. I am currently the President of Pre-SOMA and the Secretary of Pre-Medical Society. I am also a part of NSU Maasti. A couple of fun facts about me are that my favorite show is One Tree Hill, my guilty pleasure for dessert is any brownie and ice cream combo, and my dream vacation is the Maldives.

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Chemistry SI Leaders (5)

CHEM 2400

Saaketh Palli

Hello, my name is Saaketh Palli and I am a SI leader for Organic Chemistry 1. Currently, I am a Biology major and am minoring in Chemistry and Psychology. Also, I am in the Dual DO program on a Pre-Med track. I chose to become a SI leader because I want to help others succeed in difficult classes and show proper study habits such as utilizing spaced repetition and timed practice problems. Moreover, some clubs that I am in are RESULTS NSU and Down to Dance. RESULTS NSU focuses on public health advocacy through communicating with members of congress, and Down to Dance helps with the motor functioning of adolescents with down syndrome by teaching them various dances. Three fun facts about myself are that I love to cook food, adore Breaking Bad, and have a jovial dog named Lily.

CHEM 2400

Parth Shah

Hi, my name is Parth. I'm going to be an SI leader for Organic Chemistry. As a biology major in the Dual DO program, I understand that certain courses are often challenging enough to discourage people from pursuing their ambitions, and I chose to be a part of SI to play my part in helping my peers approach these challenging courses in a more prepared fashion. I am a part of the Pre-Med Club, Pre-Med Society, and the Circle K International Club. 3 fun facts about myself are that I am an F1 fan, my first international flight was when I was four months old and I have a watch collection.

CHEM 2410

Danielle Smichok

Hello! My name is Danielle Smichok and I am a Supplemental Instruction Leader for Organic Chemistry II. I am a senior, biology major in the Dual Admission D.M.D. program. I joined the SI team to share my love for chemistry and support students on their journeys through organic chemistry. Some organizations I am involved in are the NSU Predental Society and Chemistry Club. Some fun facts about me are that I enjoy baking, used to dance en pointe, and have been playing the piano since I was four. Fins Up and see you on campus!

CHEM 2410

Saif Ghanayem
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CHEM 2410

Shriya Reddy

Hi! My name is Shriya Reddy and I am a current junior majoring in Biology and Neuroscience. I am also in the Dual D.O program and aspire to be a physician. This semester, I am an SI for Organic Chemistry II. I chose to become an SI leader in order to support students on their journeys to academic success. I know that challenging course content can be very discouraging, so I wanted to be able to create a positive atmosphere in which students can work together to better understand the material. I was given this atmosphere by my SI leaders in the past, and I want for other students to experience it as well. A couple fun facts about me are that I was born and raised in California, I love Thai food, and something on my bucket list is to go skydiving in Hawaii!

CHEM 2410

Priya Patel

Hi, my name is Priya Patel. I am going to be an SI leader in Fall 2022 for Chem 2410. I am a biology major in the dual DO program here at NSU. I chose to be an SI Leader in order to give back to SI. SI sessions have helped me so much during my first few years here at NSU and I wanted to be able to reciprocate that to other students. I also decided to be an SI leader because I absolutely love organic chemistry and I want to share that passion with other people. I am a part of on campus organizations such as The Ok Club, which is a mental health club and I am involved in mentoring students through my presidential scholarship. Some fun facts about myself are that I am from San Diego, CA, my biggest fear is snakes, and my favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls.

CHEM 3650

Ethan DePry

CHEM 3650

Daniel Malak

Hey! My name is Daniel Malak, and I am an SI leader for Biochemistry. I am a third-year Biology major and a Business minor on the pre-medicine track in the Dual D.O. program at NSU. I chose to become an SI leader because I previously attended SI sessions for my upper-level science courses and enjoyed the experience of additional practice and tackling complex topics outside of class. Additionally, I am passionate about the opportunity to break down seemingly tricky concepts into manageable ideas for others to comprehend effectively. I am currently the Vice President of the Orthodox Christian Campus Ministries club on campus and am a part of the club basketball team and Pre-Med Society. A few fun facts about me are that I am a huge NBA fan, love traveling around the world, and my family is from Egypt.

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